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Travel Management on the go

B2B SaaS Travel Management Solution brings back joy to business travel

Welcome to the future of business travel management.​
Our best prices entices employees to book train rides easily and affordably.

Our preference-based booking tool allows for easy and instant administration.

Taking out travel stress increases employees' performance, engagement & well-being.



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Europe's #1 Train Travel Management Tool

Busines travel has never been that easy. Employees experience the joy of the journey with Enjoy The Ride. 

Best Price

Our partner network offers easy overview of best prices at the press of a button

Online Support

Our 24/7 staff helps mitigate any problem that you may encounter along the way

Ride on Time

Your time is precious, we optimize your travel time: business becomes pleasure

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Enjoy The Ride Mission

Less Travel Hassle, More Joy

Personalize Your Booking Experience

Enjoy The Ride allows you to book your next ride easily based on your personal preferences and pre-approved travel budget. Your employees are responsible for their own travel journeys. Planning their itinerary on the go puts your employee back in the driver's seat, saving time and travel hassle along the way.

Accessible from All Locations and Devices

Enjoy The Ride ofers a fully integrated experience, connecting any desktop, laptop or mobile device to offer the same joyful experience in managing your journey at hand.

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Kick back and Enjoy The Ride

Bringing back joy in business travel

All aboard! Enjoy The Ride's mission is to bring back joy to business travel.

Train travel is a renewed way to travel conveniently, your employees will enjoy the ride.

Business travellers love to enjoy the ride as much as they can.

We take the stress out of business travel, improving employee satisfaction and performance.

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Train Travel Talk

Enjoy The Ride - Joyful Journeys

Train travel made plain and simple again, clarity and control saving time and resources too

Joan Marks

Best prices for international trainrides in one easy overview, absolutely brilliant

Raymond Souza

Group booking made easy and personal again without complicated booking procedures

Maggie Stalk

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